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We are a parent and child focused organization with a culture of supporting our employees in their task of raising their children while they dedicate their excellent efforts in serving the mission of We work hard, we care and we have fun doing what we are passionate about: Raising a Sustainable Generation

Angelica F. White, founder

Angelica is the heart and idea behind She is inspired by how children are inheritably curious and fun, and she is passionate about helping them to reach their potential in sustainable ways. Angelica has a background in education, technology and business, and has been involved in various volunteers opportunities at schools, churches and communities engaging and mentoring children.

“All teachers and educators alike must have a deep conviction that our role is not to build an impression of inadequacy in children, but, yes, to help them reach their full potential. I haven’t met a child who was not gifted in certain ways. If a child fails it is because we fail as educators to inspire, motivate, and develop in them the needed tools for their success.”

" Every human has an intrinsic need to know and be known for being good at something. Some kids get lost in the electronic world as escapism, just because they haven’t figured out yet their own ingenuity." Angelica

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Advisory Team

Charlie Goetz

Michael Axelrod

Deborah Kenny

Technology, Values, Global, Finance

Product Advisory Team

This team is selected annually to help us with our product development.

Joshua F. White

"The Strategist"

Lucas F. White

"The Geek"

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